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Life Line Hosting is dedicated bringing orphan children to host families in the United States. Being a host parent is as exciting as it is challenging and it is a life changing experience for both the host family and the child.  It is our goal; our passion; our mission; to provide each child with a positive experience with a host family that makes them feel safe and cared for.

We provide training to our host families, so they know what to expect, and make sure our coaches are accessible to the family as well as our chaperones are available to the children. All of our volunteers are experienced host families and/or adoptive families who give freely of their time to help host families to connect with their host children.From all of us at Life Line Hosting; we thank you for considering making a difference in the live of a child from Ukraine. Every child deserves a loving family.

Family Coaches

Each host family is provided with an experienced coach so they can resolve any issues and learn more about the child and how they should conduct themselves during the host session. These coaches are usually parents who have adopted children from Ukraine.


The host family is also provided with hard copy and online material for reference. The host parents are required to read three books that cover training and strategies regarding ‘connective parenting’ techniques.


Our coaches and chaperones are fluent in the native language, which helps host families understand how to communicate with the child.

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