What does the hosting fee cover?

Hosting fees are a donation of currently $3000 per child. Discounts for sibling groups and special needs children are available as far as possible due to funding. Please ask.

This might seem like a lot of money. Following, please see the breakdown of what the donation will cover:


This will be done by volunteer members from the LifeLine Hosting US team to meet and interview the children from many orphanages across Ukraine. Team members will be accompanied by our Ukraine partners in order to build relationships with orphanage directors and get their expert opinions and recommendations for each child.


The children will travel from their orphanage by train or bus with an escort to Kyiv Airport. If your child is 14 or older, they will have to make an additional trip to Kyiv before the hosting session in order to obtain a visa in person at the US Embassy in Kyiv. After hosting ends the children will travel from the airport in Kyiv to their respective orphanages with an escort. Please note that some orphanages are in remote locations and require travel of 10+ hours to reach Kyiv. Also included is your child’s round-trip airfare from Kyiv to one of our multiple hub airports across the US. Each airport has one or more adult chaperone (depending on group size for each airport) who stays in the US the entire hosting period and is hosted by various families. The chaperones act as the point of contact for hosting families. Their airfare and a small weekly stipend is covered by your donations.


All required documents in order for your child to travel for hosting will also be included. These documents include but are not limited to:

Passport, Visa, medical appointments and other government fees. Also, all associated cost for our Ukraine team to travel to each individual orphanage to obtain birth records and other required records to obtain passports.


Our partners in Ukraine are handling key aspects of the hosting program including:

Maintaining relationships with orphanage directors. Support our US team on interview trips. Arranging travel for Visa interviews and airport transportation of over 100 children from all over Ukraine. Preparing all legal documentation for each child. Working with the Ukrainian government departments that have oversight of the hosting process.


Marketing efforts and awareness of hosting as a ministry, as well as promoting individual children. Furthermore, database management of children and host families and legal and administrative cost.


Each child and chaperone will have medical insurance while in the US, in order to cover any medical emergencies. Flying chaperones to different families for support.


LifeLine Hosting is committed to the children who participate in our hosting program. Our Ukrainian team assesses needs of various orphanages and will help directors with medical expenses for host children while they are in Ukraine between hosting session. Also the Ukrainian team in partnership with the US team, purchases and provides free of cost to an orphanage in need, items like dental chairs, washing machines and other basic items.

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