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We enable American families to host children who deserve the love, support, and comfort that come from being part of a loving family.

Families can host children stay for 4 weeks during Christmas, or 6 weeks during the summer. Hosting is a reverse mission trip and a life changing experience for both the family and the child.

Here is what former and current host families had to say:

Hosting is a lifeline to an orphan. It is the experience of bringing a child into your home with the intention to change a life and the realization that the life that was changed – was yours. Judy Wolff

Hosting is God’s gift to us. It is about giving hope to the hopeless.  It is about giving God’s amazing grace without limit.  It is imparting God’s unconditional love to those who need it most.  It is about all of us belonging to the family of God no matter what and accepting God’s family where they are at.  It is about doing everything together.  Pray together.  Sing together.  Read the Bible together.  Work together.  Play together.  Cry together.  Work through problems together.  Talk together.  Listen and care.  Hurt together.  Be happy together.  Treasure every moment together. Carrie Wickham

Hosting is…

-Love in humanity

-The ride of a lifetime

-Not about me, it’s about them.

-Courage under fire


Patricia Bryant 

Hosting is a faith adventure for both parent and child.  The journey is sometimes hard but it leads to unexpected and unimaginable joy that can last a lifetime. Justin Church

Hosting is opening your home and your heart to a child who needs and deserves unconditional love, acceptance and someone who believes in them. Amy Tetreault

Hosting is the opportunity to bring mission home! Nikki Crouch

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Do I Start?

Follow the steps below to join us as a host parent…


Apply to Lifeline Hosting to become a member of our community. Once you’ve been approved, you will be able to gain access to our list of children and their information.


Approved members will be able to view photos and videos of our interviews with the children.


If the child is available to host, the host parent can begin the application process. During this time, the family will be required to go through background checks that involve all family members and a home safety check.


If the checks are approved, the host family will be provided with a list of resources so they can be educated on “connected parenting” techniques. We have team members who are fluent in Russian and Ukrainian will also be advised on the right strategies to implement if they face any challenges.


The child will meet their host family at one of the designated airports. An airport coordinator will be present to ensure a smooth transition.We have team members who are fluent in Russian and Ukrainian and other host families will also be present to provide support. At the end of the hosting period, the child will be brought to the airport where team members who are fluent in Russian and Ukrainian will escort them back to their place of residence in Ukraine.


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